Drug Packaging services.  Individual service to meet the specific needs of your staff and clients.

Medication Administration Records. (MARS) Laser printed complete medication records are delivered on a monthly basis. These documents organize drug delivery.

Central Stored Medication Log.

Physician Order Sheets. These documents summarize doctor’s ordes for each resident. We send these to the physician at requested intervals for quality assurance and enhanced communication.

Pharmacist Drug Regimen Review. Consultant Pharmacists provide drug and regulatory consultative services quarterly for quality assurance.

Consultation Service.

Vaccination Clinics.

Delivery Service. Complimentary delivery service directly to facility twice daily.


    • Organizes medications by time of day and date
    • Ideal for assisting the patient to take the taking the RIGHT medication at the RIGHT time
    • Safe and easy to understand and use
    • New state of the art compliance/strip packaging; ideal for taking the RIGHT medication at the RIGHT time, reducing medication errors.
    • Easy to open pouches with medication(s) organized by day and time.
    • The medication to be taken for the next dose will be in the very next pouch on the strip!
    • Compact and easy to pack for travel.


Blister cards offer great customization options, guarantee freshness and visibility for accurate dosage and better security.


Our high quality, traditional vials are safe and easy to use and extremely practical for any type of pills or tablets.