Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any costs for using Golden Gate Pharmacy’s services? No, you are only responsible for the cost of the medication.

Does Golden Gate Pharmacy do titrations? Yes we do.

How will my medication be packaged? However you prefer. You have the option of having the medication packaged in a vial, pill pack, or bubble packed.

Do you offer overnight shipping? Yes we have options to ship overnight should there be an emergency.

How will my patient get his/her medication? Golden Gate Pharmacy will ship the medication via FedEx to the location of the patient’s choice. Tracking will be provided to the patients.

Does the medication need to be reordered? No, medication will automatically be filled and shipped by Golden Gate Pharmacy. However, this will only take place if there is a valid lab on file.

What if my patient has multiple medications? The patient has the option of transferring all of his/her other prescriptions to Golden Gate Pharmacy should the patient want his/her medication delivered with Clozapine.

How do patients pay for his/her medication? At the beginning of the month he/she will receive an invoice for the medication.