Independent Patient

    Goal:  To increase medication adherence and compliance,  keep patients out of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities or long term care facilities and keep them independent and in the comfort of their own home as long as possible. 
  • The services at Golden Gate Pharmacy are designed to promote the safe use of medication and assist our clients in maintaining a happy and independent lifestyle
  • Medication Management Services that are tailored to each clients wants/needs in order to keep them at home and out of hospitals, nursing homes and other long term care facilities. 
    1. Medication Reconciliation
      1. From all current prescribing physicians OR Discharge medication orders
    2. Pharmacist Drug Regimen Review
      1. Comprehensive review of all medications (Prescription and Over-the-Counter)
      2. Analysis and screening for harmful drug-drug and drug-disease interactions and duplications of therapy  
    3. Medication Care Plan
      1. Strategic medication administration recommendations
      2. Allows for optimization of drug regimen
      3. Medication Administration Records (MARs) available upon request  
    4. Customized Drug Packaging System
      1. Medi-Strips
        1. Organizes medications by time of day and date
        2. Ideal for assisting the patient to take the taking the RIGHT medication at the RIGHT time
        3. Safe and easy to understand and use
      2. Bubble Packs
      3. Traditional Vials
    5. Automatic delivery of medications to patient’s home
      1. All CHRONIC medications automatically filled and delivered directly to the client EVERY 4 weeks.
      2. Patients no longer have to keep track of when to reorder what medication
    6. Continuous medication support and consultation
    7. Collaboration between all healthcare providers
    8. Affordable




Packaging Options